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Alka R-16 Virgin Mission | Episode 01. Watch AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (Subbed) Free Online. The Aika Zero opening theme is "Flying Kid" and the ending theme is "Dream Hunter".

Alka R-16 Virgin Mission | Episode 03 English Dub アイカ ゼロ 03話. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (Dubbed) S01:E01 - Secret Game (dubbed). An unemployed student who barley passed the class.

Instead if you come expecting eye candy with loads of action and a light plot you&39;ll be pleased in many ways. Agent Aika (or AIKa) is an OVA series produced by Studio Fantasia and directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima. Photos of the Aika R-16: Virgin Mission (Show) voice actors. AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION Full. AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission () TV-MA Animation 25m User Score. See more videos for AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION.

This series also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original AIKa OVA. Of the 106014 characters on Anime Characters Database, 9 are from the anime AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION. With Jennifer Alyx, Kira Buckland, Michelle Ann Dunphy, Misato Fukuen. R-16 is better than the original Aika in every way. With Jennifer Alyx, Kira Buckland, Michelle Ann Dunphy, Michael Forest. It is a 3 episode OVA and it runs about 75 minutes.

" Both songs are performed by Ami Koshimizu who voiced Aika. Due to this personality, no one is willing to hire her for salvaging jobs. It is actually a treasure map. Ver AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission 1 Sub Español Online | Descargar Gratis AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission 1. There AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION are more panties than ever, and tons of topless teenage chicks. Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. Aika Sumeragi is still in high school, but having already earned her C-class salvager&39;s license, she has no need for career counseling. Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima.

This prequel to Agent Aika tells the story of Aika Sumeragi&39;s life before she became the tough and sexy expert salvager known and loved by fans. Tubi TV Adds Yukikaze, Mave Chan, AIKa R-16 Anime () AIKa Zero Cute Manga Posted for Free Online (Jul 3. Both are performed AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION by Koshimizu. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission. The series was followed by a three-episode OVA sequel called Aika Zero where she is 19 years old. Aika R-16: Virgin Mission really has so little to do with its predecessor that why they even bothered to name it such and put it into the Aika franchise is a mystery. The only contender for the last two distinctions is a little girl who briefly appeared in the opening tour boat scene of Agent Aika.

20 Minutes into the Future, the Earth has been ruined due to a catastrophic earthquake; lots of places are now submerged deep under the sea. While Eri, the class president, takes a dim view on Aika advertising her services at school, she seems to have no qualms about hiring her herself on behalf of the school&39;s Treasure Hunting Club. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. Risako Nagisa (凪紗りさこ) is the villainess in the OVA Aika R-16: Virgin Mission (, Studio Fantasia). The animation, voice acting, and soundtrack are all a step up. She&39;s voiced by Naoko Suzuki (Japanese) & Tara Platt (English). 11 images of the Aika R-16: Virgin Mission cast of characters. Karen, one of the clubs members has a butterfly tattoo on one of her breasts.

It takes place ten years before Agent Aika and follows the story of Aika&39;s first mission when she is 16 years old. The latest series from fan-service specialists Studio Fantasia to make it to North American shores, R-16 is a terminally slight action-adventure set in a barely exploited post-apocalyptic future. They were acquired by Bandai Entertainment who dubbed the first series in English and licensed the second series with English subtitles. AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission Full Episodes Online. Despite the obvious focus on nudity, it actually has a fun, intersesting, and light hearted story. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission DVD () News: Show: 2 +3 ref. 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Music 4 See also 5 References 6.

It is the prequel to the Agent Aika (AIKa) OVA series, also by Studio Fantasia. It was released from. Aika is training to get her salvager&39;s license and joins the Treasure Hunting Club at school. The Treasure Hunt Club celebrates a failed kidnapping attempt by throwing a bikini beach party. Competently she successfully passes. She is invited by the school treasure hunting club to pilot a submarine on an adventure. The series takes place 10 years before the events in Agent Aika.

Aika is an intelligent and athletic high school girl. It is followed by a sequel OVA series, Aika Zero. Instantly find any AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more!

Aika R-16: Virgin Mission is a fun trip back to a franchise that is all about having a good time. The Aika R-16: Virgin Mission opening theme is "Sailing To The Future" and the ending theme is "Rise. Female characters were often clad in short, tight dresses, which meant that the white panties would show up often during fight scenes, action scenes, or even when the characters were just standing around doing jack shit. Despite being a sixteen year old teenager now, she is still being treated as a child AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION by Gozo. AIKa R 16 Virgin Mission Episode 2 English Dub. The Aika R-16: Virgin Mission opening theme is "Sailing To The Future" and the ending theme is "Rise.

A girl named Karen has mysterious tattoo which contains a hidden. She is so competent that she successfully passes the salvagers license test, obtaining a C-class license. Aika has just gotten her class c salvagers license at 16 years old. AIKa R 16 Virgin Mission Episode 3 English Dub. Full of fan service, action, and an outlandish plot it&39;s safe to say that there&39;s not a lot going on here that will make you think.

The production as a whole is slickly created and delivered. Aika R-16: Virgin Mission (stylized AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION) is a three-episode anime OVA series by Studio Fantasia, developed as a prequel to the Agent Aika OVA series and released on the tenth anniversary of the series. About all it shares with the original are a few of the character names and a lot of exposed panties. High school student Aika Sumeragi with her sharp mind and athletic body has passed the C-class Salvager test and got herself a C-class license.

She is the last enemy girl defeated in R-16, the only girl ever knocked out by Eri, the smallest girl in the series, and possibly the youngest girl to appear in AIKa. AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission 3 episodes Aika Sumeragi, a sixteen year old high school student, offers her services as a C-class Salvager by spreading posters at school after getting her C-class Salvager license. This is the prequel to &39;Agent Aika&39;. In Aika Zero she is no longer a villainess. More AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION images. AIKa R-16 is a three-episode prequel to the 1997 OVA Agent AIKa. Yet, she is young and hotheaded, so much so that Gota still treats her as a child.

Back in the VHS days, Agent AIKa gained a degree of notoriety for it sheer number of panty shots. 『aika r-16:virgin mission』(アイカ アール16 ヴァージンミッション)は、年に発売されたova作品。全3巻。aikaシリーズの第2作目。 年にはこの作品の続編で、aikaシリーズの第3作目となるova『aika zero』も発売された。. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission is an anime OVA series by Studio Fantasia. The series takes place 10 years before the. Overall, AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission is probably not anything to write home about, but if you’ve seen and enjoyed Aika’s first outing then you’ll probably enjoy this one as well, though be warned that the original is far superior (as is generally the case) to this particular outing.


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